Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello everyone ! It's already July 2012 now. 7 months had passed since we first welcomed 2012, have you guys fulfilled your resolutions yet ? If not, you still have 5 months to do so ! Time doesn't wait, you should know :)

Oh well, since I've never written anything on this site for quite some time, time for some updates about my life, since, October 2011 ? Hahaha. Since there's twitter to keep my life updated 24/7, i don't really blog anymore. Actually there's no one cares whether i still blog or not la *okayguy.jpg*

If you are one of my facebook friend, i've finally attached on 15th Jan this year :) HAHAHA to people who thought i can never attached or a better description , forever alone, a big slap on your face. I do things secretly, you know ? So far, this relationship is good . i enjoy every moment with him . but of course la,  got argue also. hahahaa! It's already half year since we've been together, and we are looking foward for more monthsary and anniversary :) <3

For studies, yes, I've accidentally passed P2 and P3. and for now, still waiting result for my P1 and P6 which i don't put high hopes on it, well, let's ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE :D

Anyway, for current , i can't wait to complete my thesis and start working ! can't wait to join back Jaspal team :D and my 22nd birthday next month ! and hopefully  this will be my last semester ! ACCA you sucked for 4 years !

whoots. can't wait to join working life(as if i really feel excited for it) .

okay, bye bye :D

Friday, October 7, 2011


hey blog. it's been some time since i talked to you :)

seems like it was just yesterday i partied to welcome year 2011 and now it's already october.
time flies, and it waits for no one. promised to make every month to be an awesome one, obviously i failed.

well over these months, there's ups and downs. laughter and tears.

* celebrated my 21st birthday with my bitches and uni besties. they are the best thing that's ever been mine :)

* to those who concern, i passed my ACCA fundamental level at one goal, and i am proud with myself , same goes to my parents and siblings. so, failing twice in foundation doesn't mean the end of the world. as long as you are willing to try and put in some effort, you can make miracles out of difficulties.

* september is treating me awesomely awesome(wtf). i am splashed with good mood and happiness all the time! :D

* and it's october now! party month ? it's oktoberfest!

anyway, life still goes on with or without you. x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



i wonder do people still stop by this site.
anyway, im doing fine, started my new semester, started my part time job :D

coffee is still a must for me every morning,
my blackberry still my best loyal companion.
zumba is still my favourite cardio in the gym.
i still tweet that much. i still rant that much.
im still that lazy.

im still that loud. i am still that happy.

nothing changed. life is still awesome.

turning 21st next month. and facing the reality 3 days before my bday.

till then,

Friday, June 17, 2011


hey there!

this is totally irrelevant picture.

i'm finally on a stress free holidays for 3 weeks! :D
don't talk about exam. i screwed. haha.

loving how peaceful my hometown is and i am consistently forcing myself to jog at least 1 hour everyday. lifeless life, i love . i'm waiting for my hommies to come back so i won't rot at home.

just typing some words so that i will have at least one update per month.

i am obsessed with girl's generation's music videos. i can't sleep without watching em every night. it's like drug. those girls are too perfect and they are like a warning for you :

"do not eat too much, fatso! if not stay fat forever!" with their famous wink.

btw i am so smart because i bring back my camera without charger . yay !

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

theo's 21st :)

theo's 21st :)

celebrated at alexis, bangsar. awesome food, awesome companion.
simple yet perfect birthday dinner :)

birthday boy. poor boy, have to sit for his exam before celebration.

beef burger. had a few bites because it's really awesome !
you guys know i don't eat beef right :D


fish and chips.

please order this, those whip cream, yummm.
ordered tiramisu as well, but no one snapped pic of it, poor tira :(

it's a trend to replace bday cake with cupcakes nao.
btw, it's from wondermilk, damansara :)

birthday boy posing with his cupcakes :D

i'm posing with it too :D
cause, i don't wanna miss a chance. hahaha!

a picture with birthday boy :)
had breakouts on the day itself. fml and f the camera's life for snapping my flaws out.

birthday boy with his brother, alex :D

lavi and meeee

the duckkkkk soooo freaking chio :3

make a wish, hoping it will come true.

blow the candles, and you are officially 21 years old :)


awesome companion :)

lavi and meeee

happy 21st bday theo :D
hope our friendship will last forever :)
continue to be my fashion consultant k !

love this picture. so artistic ehhh

last but not least,



wonder who will read this, but i still will type anyway.
i can't sleep, must be the chicken essence.

it's been 3 weeks since i updated, so you guys will know that i'm having a smooth sailing month!
may is a good month, so far so good :)

so what's may is all about ?

attended weekend classes. long hours of revision classes. unreasonable breakouts. theo's 21st bday. gaining weight. short term stress. overdosage of caffeine. reason to eat more than usual. anti social time. bb cream slapped on my face is getting thicker. and FINALS :)

-the end-

and and, i am going home next week :)
not going to countdown to exams, to avoid some useless self stressing.

short updates. love ya

Sunday, May 8, 2011

lil things about meeee :D

facts about me me me me meeeee.

#1 i am crazy, cheerful, friendly, lame, shy, talkative, a serious pms victim and an emotional girl.

#2 i only LOL and ignore my image when i'm with my best friend.

#3 i have fate with guys who is left handed. 3 guy best friends of mine is left handed :D

#4 i love to sing , talk and dance . yes, i can talk a lot, and annoy you a lot.

#5 i don't eat spicy food. okay, except for chilli sauce.

#6 i don't do homework unless forced and i practice last minute revision all the time.

#7 i wanted to be a makeup artist, but not an accountant. stepped into accountancy, is an accident.

#8 i love my family more than anything. and i want 2 childrens in future.

#9 i want a guy who love me, treat me like princess and can protect me. i don't need him to look like anthony neely, having louis koo's body and kevin cheng's charm :p

#10 i have imba eyes. my left eye is weird. and i always wake up with one single and one double eyelids.

#11 i am not a sunny type. i hate sun very much. so, outdoor sports is not for me :D

#12 i have high patient and tolerant level . okay, not when i'm having pms .

#13 i dislike people who is not punctual, i can accept 10-20 mins late, but not up to 2 hours .

#14 i love sweet stuff. and i am a red bean lover :D

#15 i have fate with long distance relationship. sigh

#16 i act cute occassionally. you might cannot bear with me when i acted cute.

#17 i love mamak. roti telur with milo ais kosong ftw ! and i love pan mee :3

#18 a typical coffee freak.

#19 i don't smoke, i club and drink occassionally.

#20 i don't really fancy branded stuff, but i adore em. and i believe i can buy one with my self earned money, one day :)

#21 i need a lot of space when i'm doing revisions. this is weird.

#22 i love dolling up myself and look good :) i am a happy girl after dolled up myself!

#23 i laugh like a machine gun. i can't control myself when i laughed :D

#24 i don't know what to write again. kthxbai :D

love me for who i am :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i'm perfect :)


Done looking for the critics, cuz they're everywhere
They don't like my genes, they don't get my hair
Stringe ourselves and we do it all the time .

why do i do that ?

hate explaining myself, but i am tired of people guessing me.
dont act you understand me unless you are google.

i don't smoke, i don't really club, i do skip class and exams but it doesn't mean that i never study, i am single doesn't mean that i'm picky, i don't smile and talk to you doesn't mean that i'm arrogant, i dyed my hair bright doesn't mean that i'm bad, i eat a lot sometimes doesn't mean that i'm big eater all the time , i makeup doesn't mean that i'm fake, i flirt doesn't mean that i'm a slut..

and the list still goes on...

Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like your nothing
You're fuckin' perfect to me .

Saturday, April 30, 2011

hello mayyy :)

so here comes may , a new month :)

this april....

finally i get to try ikea's daim cake(ohmygosh it's freaking awesome!), and meat balls.
damn guilty, i can't eat beef one you know! hahaha!
tried half of the meatballs after tempted by theo, not bad :D

treasured time spended with em :)

my first part time job .
it ended with drama but, still an awesome one.
i met diff people throughout my job, and honestly, i suck in promoting.
nah, need to improve ! :D

my first cheras pasar malam visit.
awesome food, awesome companions :)
but it's hot. i will just wear my fav loose top there next time :D

my first polaroid, taken at kelly's 21st bday today :)

i over wore my fav piece of jacket this month :D
fyi, it costs less than rm20, yes, less than rm20 !

have my haircut after so many months !
cut all bad things. cut cut cut !

idk why i uploaded this, but this is one of my fav top =D

till then, i hope i won't gain weight bcz it's revision month now!
let's work hard everyone :D

hello may, bye april :p

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



you can count on me like 1,2,3 and i'll be there :)

april finally going to end soon(yay). and here's may !
exam season is here. happy revising everyone!
and expect more rants from me okay :D

revising the whole syllabus in limited time is definately stressful and not fun at all.
time become very precious now! overslept is no longer exist to me this month.
be discipline okay freda !

anyway, all the best , just foresee that you will pass all the papers and result day will be the time where all your efforts will be paid off :)

april is proven not a good month. tsk tsk .
but it's ending, so oh yeaaa :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ey's birthday :D


it stated, 'happy birthday handsome' :)
whoops, it's not me :p

i want mine to be , 'happy birthday hottie' erm, sexy also don't mind :p
hehe, just jk btw !

haha, this is the handsome :D
happy 21st birthday limengyew !

i feel bored with those, 'happy birthday, xxx'
so i decided to wrote, happy birthday handsome instead of engyew :D

pudding fruit cake from RT Pastry.
yumm yumm and sooo yumm <3

you want a piece of it ? :3

celebrated at new york new york deli at one utama.

my big breakfast.
choose it because it is healthy :D
love the pancake. freaking yummehhh

christina's pasta.
very generous portion :)

keli's pizza .

pavan and gideon's pineapple chicken chop.
loving the wedges !

jolyne's spaghetti.

birthday boy's set. idk what it called btw.

darren's sandwiches. those veggies, yumm !

overall, the food not bad la :D

then, it's all about pictures and camwhore time eh .

i am caught anti-social again.
i can't recall what am i doing. whatsapp or tweeting. LOL

<3 <3

thanks keli. thanks for everything :)

us with birthday boy :)

take 2 :D

my girls :D


me and the birthday boy.
coincidently we wore stripes that day . hahaha !

group picca !
manager was so kind to help us take sooo many group pic :3





awww <3

last but not least,

wo ai ni <3

that night, we ended with laughter at meeples, ss15.
a place for board games. hehe
i want to go again, do you guys hear meeee :ppp

the bang game which i laughed hard hardddd !

happy 21st birthday again engyew !
i know it is a memorable one for you ! heee :D

fredada :)

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